Portable Machine Tools Australasia P/L.

1.75" and 2.0" boring bars come standard with 1/2" sqaure tool holes every 6".

1.25" boring bars come standard with 10mm square tool holes every 6".

We can manufacture bars to your requirements, contact us for more details.

Hydraulic power packs.

Can also supply additional power packs, hoses etcetra.

Line Bore Accessories

Facing Heads.

· Available  as 1.75” , 2.0” or 2.25” as standard,

· Can be machined to suit your bar, up to 2.25”.

· 3 feed rates        .003”    .006”   &  .012”  per revolution

· Feeds in and out

· Interchangeable bar lengths


SBK, Small bar kit.


31.75 mm x 1850mm boring bar,

10 mm square broached tool holes, 150mm spacing.

Drive unit reducer x 1.

Bar feed unit reducer x 1.

Spherical bearing reducer x 1.

Self aligning bearing reducer x 3.